Comixware 2.1

Flash-based tool to create multimedia comics


  • Original, attractive interface
  • Loads of material already included
  • You can preview your comic at any time


  • You can't add your material right from the program's interface


Comixware is a software app that all drawing fans are going to love, especially those who like comics.

With Comixware you can create awesome comic stories by making the most of a complete multimedia library that includes images, animations, music, sound effects and typical comic graphics like text balloons and colorful exclamation marks.

Comixware's working area is all designed in Flash and makes working on your comics a real pleasure. You can drag-and-drop any elements you want to use right on the timeline, and then focus on a selected frame to add more graphic detail. You also have the possibility to preview your work of art before actually saving it. I also recommend taking a look at the Gallery section so that you can get a glimpse of what other people are creating with this program.

On the downside, using your own materials in Comixware is surprisingly difficult. They can't be added from the program's interface itself, but must be copied to a certain folder in your system in order to be selected from Comixware.

Comixware lets you create attractive animated comic movies with a manga touch. It's not the easiest comic tool in the world but it makes up for it with an original interface and a wide selection of preloaded material.

Comixware is a storytelling platform that integrates multimedia presentation and editing in one seamless software system that provides user unprecedented interactivity and creativity.

For easy analogy, Comixware can be seen as an interactive storytelling "machine". In such machine, contents are "fed" through its engine to create stories rather than "sealed" in an irreversible narrative block (like book or movie). Therefore additional contents can be fueled to this "machine" to expand and renew the existing story. The contents for this "machine" are made of modulated story clips that can be recomposed and reshuffled in a timeline in any order or fashion as user desires. Each of these clips is made of scene elements that can be edited and manipulated individually by user. This "machine" comprises of 5 sections: Show, Compose, Play, Save, and Gallery. Each in combination with others addresses the 3 main functions of Comixware: narrative, editing, and community.



Comixware 2.1

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